Revolutionary Thinking

beth-circle-head Beth Heller

This month, inspired by the summertime commemoration of revolutionary events like the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,1776 and last month’s Juneteenth celebration of the emancipation of Texas slaves on June 19th,1865, our blog will take a look at disruption – ideas that create worth by replacing the status quo with something entirely new.

From the future potential of virtual reality to change how engineers navigate design space, to the emerging share-economy that’s allowing everyone from massage therapists to dog walkers to rethink the use of key resources like homes and cars, there is no part of our world that is immune to this exciting spirit.  And that means, we hope, Live54218’s own business, community improvement, will not prove immune to the trend.

So before we take a closer look at how disruption might work in Live54218’s sector, let’s explore some key ideas about disruption.  Here’s what innovation-expert and host of the Disruptive Conversations podcast Keita Demming gleaned after spending week after week picking the brains of the most disruptive thinkers he could find.  


  • Disruptors embed themselves in the system they wish to disrupt long before they attempt disruption. It’s the folks in the thick of the system, who deal with its strengths and struggles on a daily basis, that will ultimately find the idea that flips a thing on its head.
  • Stakeholders must come with.  Technology, and the share economy, break down silos. In any disruption, there must be early and willing adopters, who are usually passionate stakeholders in the sector in question.  
  • The objective is baked into the strategy.  According to Demming’s informal survey, many successful disruptions occur when an objective (turn waste into value, take unused resources likes cars and empty apartments, into money-generators) is baked into every piece of work product.  
  • The people-work is as important as the tech. Successful disruptors acknowledge that people make up the processes and systems that get disrupted.  This means any truly valuable disruption will require working with the attitudes, expectations and beliefs of everyday people.  


In the near future, Live54218 will be announcing our new name as well as a new, collaboratively-conceived, community-based mission to grow well-being for all who call Greater Green Bay home.  The new mission is exceptional because it moves beyond a prescriptive approach for health (think “5 fruits and veg, 4 glasses of water,” etc.) and embraces the idea that ultimate quality of life hinges not just on what we do, but how we do what we do.  In the well-being model, emphasis rests on the connection and purpose elements of our lives rather than silver-bullet guidelines.  It asks us not only to innovate on what exists but truly reimagine our local environment as a tool for supporting how we live, work and play.  


With the wealth of ingenuity and collaborative spirit that exists in our community, we don’t think we’re crazy to believe that together we can create a truly disruptive movement that shifts the life of all folks in Greater Green Bay towards an unprecedented level of well-being.  

Stay tuned to our blog for a continuing discussion of how the spirit of disruption is already at work in the area of well-being in Greater Green Bay.   



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