How You Can Help Heal the Local Food System!

As promised, this week’s blog has some expert advice on ways a you can make an impact on the local food system with your nutrition choices. Guest blogger and local food system advocate Amanda Chu shares these thoughts:

Wello everyone! My name is Amanda Chu and I’m the Sustainable Small-Farm Manager at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and Secretary of the local non-profit New Leaf Foods. As part of our work at New Leaf, we’re convening a broad coalition of food and health organizations called the New Food Forum to bring new focus and energy to our local food system and strengthen the relationships within it.  

And YOU can play a role in this important work, too!  Here are a few ways to make an impact on our local food system.  

  • Use your power as a consumer!  Ask the produce section at your local grocery store which products are sourced locally and purchase those products.  
  • Get in the habit of asking your restaurant servers if any of the meat options come from local and grass-fed farms. When restaurants know people are asking for local product, then they start buying locally!
  • Shop winter farmers markets for more than just specialty items.  Try and “grocery shop” the market! Meal planning for the week before shopping the farmers market will help you make the best use of your market produce.
  • Support a farmer!  If there is a farmer that you like to support at the market, follow them on social media and get to know their story and reasons for farming. Connecting directly and understanding the story of our local farmers, strengthens the local food system by elevating awareness around food based local economy.
  • Learn about Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs). CSA is a system in which a farm operations are supported by shareholders within the community. In a CSA, you commit to buy from a farmer and receive a “share” of the season’s harvest. To learn more about CSA’s or find a CSA farmer, keep an eye out for more info about the New Leaf Foods CSA Expo on March 2nd at Badger State Brewing!  
  • Stay in touch with any of the NEW Food Forum team and track future opportunities to learn more about our local food system.  Click here to RSVP for our Local Food Mapping Report Out Gathering! Feb 8th, 1:30pm at Neighborworks Green Bay!

Purchasing local food also impacts your health. Local produce is fresher and therefore more nutritious as there is less time between farm and plate. We extend our thanks to Amanda for her guest blog and her work to strengthen our local food system! Are you making choices to help heal Greater Green Bay’s food system?  Share them here!



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