The Questions We Ask

“We shape the world by the questions we ask.”

This insight, offered by Princeton theoretical physicist John Wheeler, acknowledges that the most elegant solutions to problems both immediate and future stem from the highest quality questions.

High quality questions define the work we do at Wello. From how to address childhood obesity, to shaping priorities around the active environment, to engaging both nonprofit and business minds so the best solutions to community challenges can arise – we are a container and catalyst for positive change.  

Our blog will be asking questions, exploring our community’s existing strengths, and debating new ideas for positive change. We hope you will engage in this process, so that all voices and perspectives can drive solutions!

What is Wello?

Wello believes healthy, happy people are the core driver of thriving families, strong economies and the overall prosperity of the Greater Green Bay community. We’ve made it our mission to create action-oriented, collaborative efforts to foster a culture of health and well-being.

What is this blog?

This blog is a place where you will hear different voices and perspectives from our team and the community as we continue to evolve “the highest quality questions” for our community. 

Our hope is that you will engage, share your thoughts and consider the role you want to play in making the Greater Green Bay Area a magnet for well-being and creative change!